Thursday, 7 February 2013

Introduction to Government Building Regulations

Government building regulations exist to safeguard anyone who comes within the vicinity of any type of building. They are designed to cover the technical details of building work to ensure that such activity does not endanger anyone.

What counts as building work?
  •  Building extensions or erections. 
  • Installation or extension of any fitting or service within a building. 
  • Any project that may change the compliance of the building or any services or fittings within the structure with fire or access regulations. 
  • Insertion of insulation to the walls of a building. 
  • Strengthening or stabilizing of the foundations of a building. 

What counts as a service or fitting in a building?
  • Toilets 
  • Showers 
  • Sinks & washbasins 
  • Hot water cylinders & boilers 
  • Drainage work 
  • Windows 
  • Any appliance that consumes fuel 

These regulations are necessary for work such as a loft conversion:
  • To ensure the structural strength of the floor 
  • To safeguard the stability of the roof and walls 
  • To ensure there remains a safe pathway to exit in the case of fire 
  • That there is sufficient sound insulation between the loft conversion and the rooms below 
  • To check whether the loft conversion is subject to the Part Wall Act 1996 and thus if neighbours must be given notice or not. 

The Party Wall Act?
  • A party wall is a wall that stands along the boundary of land and is used by 2 owners. 
  • If the loft conversion or any other building work involves a party wall then you must give the adjoining owners notice in writing about your plans. 
  • This must be served at least two months before the planned starting date and is valid for one year. 
  • The neighbour must give consent to your notice for the work to begin. 

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